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No one has ever become poor by giving.
— Anne Frank, the play based on The Diary of Anne Frank

Your Gift to The Northport Promise Can Make a Real Difference

If you went to college 30 or 40 years ago... or more... things have changed dramatically.   College tuition costs have skyrocketed.   A 2015-2016 survey of tuition and fee costs at public universities in Michigan ranged from a low of $7,175 to $14,286 for 24 credit hours.  Add to that the cost of books and living expenses and it's not surprising that the average 2016 college graduate has over $37,000 in student loan debt.

We can't erase that debt for Northport graduates but we can help.   Each Northport graduate has the opportunity for a scholarship of up to $2,000 a year for four years, but this is only possible through the generosity of many people.   You can help.

There Are Many Ways You Can Contribute to The Northport Promise

A contribution to the Northport Promise is an investment in our future. There is no better way to create a healthy community than to invest in the education of our children.

If you're interested in helping The Northport Promise help Northport students with college costs, consider a one-time gift, a recurring gift or a planned gift.

GIVE ONLINE: You can contribute to The Northport Promise fund at the Leelanau Township Community Foundation. If you'd like your contribution to go directly to the foundation's account you can do it online at their site by following this link.  When you do:

  • The first screen you see will prompt you to enter the amount of your contribution.   There are some suggested contribution levels or you can check"Other" and type in the amount you'd like to give.
  • The second screen will confirm  your contribution amount and ask for your contact information.
  • The third screen will ask you for your name, address, whether you want to make a general contribution or a contribution in honor of or in memory of someone.  Because the foundation manages many funds you'll need to check the Northport Promise fund. Go to the Education and Literacy category and choose Northport Promise Scholarship Fund.
  • On the fourth screen you'll enter your billing and credit card information.  

SEND A CHECK:  You can also send a check; made payable to the foundation to:

Leelanau Township Community Foundation
PO Box 818
Northport, MI 49670

Please specify in the memo line that the donation is for The Northport Promise. To contact the foundation office, call 231-386-9000.  Contacting the foundation is best if you want to discuss a donation of stock