Great Reasons to Choose Northport Schools!

Students in the Northport Public Schools flourish in an atmosphere of friendliness and safety. The warm welcoming family environment of the school system reflects the attitudes throughout the community. At Northport, children and education matter. Students who attend school in Northport enjoy:

  • A warm, supportive learning community where students have the opportunity to make a difference both at school and in the community.
  • An academically challenging school system in a safe and secure environment.
  • A school where opportunities abound to share personal and team successes.
  • A school where students have easy access to teachers who care, where students can develop strong relationships with caring adult leaders that can last a lifetime.
  • A school where students and teachers share responsibility for learning.
  • A school where parents have direct, immediate access to teachers and administrators with any concern and where parental input regarding their child's learning is welcomed and appreciated.
  • A school that offers parents and students the opportunity to participate in goal-setting with the teacher.
  • A school with a strong core curriculum and plenty of enrichment opportunities.
  • A school that has an academic intervention program at the elementary and secondary levels.
  • A school that offers successful athletic programs and opportunities to co-op for certain sports.
  • A school with fine arts opportunities within the curriculum and additional opportunities for students to become involved in Northport Community Arts Center events.
  • A school with a strong Community Mentorship Program
  • A school that offers a successful Community Learning Center After-School Program that offers enrichment and support.
  • A community that offers an award-winning, high quality early childhood development program through the Leelanau Children's Center.

Great education comes in small classrooms, with committed teachers and a committed community that supports its school. Great education is as close as the Northport Public Schools. Where dreams for the future begin today!